What are the website prototype and mock-up | Website prototypes

A website prototype can be any mock-up or demo of what a website will look like when it goes live. Although it may not as perfect as final website, but it can give u a really good idea of the functionality, user journey and flow through a website.

Website prototypes can bring a lot if benefits to peoples. However, typically when peoples talk about a prototype they are referring to an interactive prototype of some kind which allows users to navigate from page to page and interact with certain elements on the site. A prototype will allow users to connect with website.

Wire-frames are low-fidelity, basic layout and structural guidelines of your web product’s layout and prototypes are an advanced wire-frame with more visual detail and interaction. If we work with wire-frame prototypes can greatly help us in designing a website with high-fidelity visuals at a very early stage of design. For a designer to work with flat visuals can stop the designer to focus on some areas of navigation and functionality that could benefit the design.

Prototyping is greatly useful in the design process because it can help us at the beginning of web designing process. At the early stage of our web designing, we must identify any problems which maybe will appear in future. Identifying problems is a very important stage for us to develop a good and efficient website.

There are many different methods for creating a prototype of our website. This process could be becoming hassle to complete if you choose wrong way. However it is a good opportunity to benefit your website visitors we accomplished the job in right way.