What is hybrid website? Why you need a Hybrid Website Design?

Hybrid Website is a website that has a combination of both static and dynamic web page. What does it mean by static and hybrid website? A static web page is a simple web page that displays the same content to the user’s web browser exactly as stored. It requires someone to change it manually or else it will remain the same. Therefore, static web page will load much faster than dynamic web page. On the other hand, a dynamic web page displays different content of pages for different users. Thus, it takes longer time for the pages to load than static web page as the information will change frequently. In short, in order to form a hybrid website, both static and dynamic webpage will be combined to get the benefits of both webpages.

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hybrid website 2021

Why you need Hybrid web design for your business?

The first reason includes hybrid website have personalized content for the users. Personalized content delivers relevant piece of content based on the audience interests because it used dynamic concept which displays different content based on predefined user profiles. Thus, hybrid website allows audiences to get the information they need easily at a fast rate. Secondly, hybrid website is also interactive as it communicates with users. For example, when users enter a hybrid website, excited web design such as popup box, videos, audio clips and many more will immediately leap off the screen to welcome them. Therefore, this interaction will make users have more personalized experience when visiting the website. Lastly, hybrid website improves the lead generation. To illustrate, when users come to visit the website, an admin or salesperson will come to lead them to initiate their interest into the products or services of the business. Hence, this process can attract potential customers and increase future sales.

What are the technologies involved?

A hybrid website can be created by using content management system (CMS). CMS is an application that is commonly used worldwide for web content management purpose. Typically, the content of CMS will be stored in a database. The basic features of a CMS include allow multiple users to create, store, assign privileges and publish the content live. Therefore, there are multiple CMS that can be used to create a hybrid website and publish it to the public.
Aside from that, a hybrid website allows users to get the best features of a website, social media, and e-commerce but at the same time, provide ease of control to the users. For example, hybrid website has connection to e-commerce thus, allowing selling and buying process to be done effortlessly. Additionally, users can also share the product to social media through hybrid website. To conclude, it is easier to navigate on hybrid website when all plug-ins are all together in one place.

hybrid web design
Hybrid Web Design Feature Diagram

What Are the Advantages of Hybrid Website?


There is no limitation for the web functionality development and enable user interaction, it’s allowing connection to CMS, 3rd party online system & database (API).

User Interaction (Web Application)

The hybrid website could be having a e-commerce web system, membership module, product/service enquiry management module, email marketing tool & ETC.

Page load time is shorter

A hybrid website loads its pages much faster because it does not need to form a request to the database in order to acquire data after the page is loaded. Thus, the pages in hybrid website will loads twice time faster than non-hybrid website.

Website fast loading

Smooth navigation

Navigation in a hybrid website is a lot smoother due to the dynamic concept and let users navigate from one page to another without any issue. Even its can one step to get the right content through the power search function.

Drop down navigation menu bar
Power search function for website content

Social Media Support

Everyone wants a website who can do more than just display information. A hybrid website is the perfect choice for those who want connection to many platforms such as e-commerce, social media and many more.

Internet Usage Statistic in 2021

Statistic of Usage of Internet by Web User and Mobile User in 2021 (first quarter)

As in the first quarter of 2021, there are over 4.66 billion active internet users around the globe. According to the research, about 54% of users accessed the internet via mobile devices while another 46% of users accessed the internet via web.

The pie chart above shows the usage of internet statistic for web and mobile users

Statistic of Searching Volume by Web User and Mobile User

According to the latest 2021 data, about 60% of all search amount comes from mobile devices while another 40% of search volume comes from web. The reason why mobile wins this battle is most likely because people will make a searching process on their mobile devices while on the road or somewhere outside their home since a mobile device is much more portable than web.

The pie chart above shows the search volume statistic for web and mobile users

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