WhatsApp Business API, Business Communication Model in The New Normal Era

Understanding WhatsApp business API WhatsApp is a conversation or communication application via the internet. Almost everyone who uses an Android smartphone made by Google has the WhatsApp application installed in it. To support business people and MSMEs, WhatsApp also launched the WhatsApp Business feature so that users can easily reach businesses and business people can…

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What is hybrid website? Why you need a Hybrid Website Design?

Hybrid web design company

Hybrid Website is a website that has a combination of both static and dynamic web page. What does it mean by static and hybrid website? A static web page is a simple web page that displays the same content to the user’s web browser exactly as stored. It requires someone to change it manually or…

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Web Builder for web page and site

The market have a lot of web builder software. like : DIYWeb Builder. provide the simple tools to create web page in WordPress. it have the wp plugin. If you use DIYweb Builder No HTML coding required to build a page for an organization or a small business. This type of tools easy to create…

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Top Web Design Company In Malaysia

web design company

Entertop a web design Company helping businesses of all size get a better return from online activities. We design and develop stunning custom websites as well as able to provide the online marketing service like SEO & SEM. what we do best is over-delivering on what your vision of your perfect website looks like. Whether…

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Advantages of Engaged with a Web Design Company

In any case, web planning consistently need novel aptitudes and control to deliver a brilliant site that shift from others. Some of the time it’s anything but a marvel to discover individuals delivering their own sites despite the fact that in some example individuals join exertion as a group with the abilities they all have…

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Why email engagement still important for your business.

email marketing tool

1) Is email still important? From the business’s viewpoint, they can achieve the benefits of email which able them to reach new, existing, future or even potential consumers. The coverage of emailing is way larger than any other marketing strategies such like social media. For example, the advantages of emailing such as cheap, fast, convenient,…

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SEO Company – Delivering value traffic to your business


SEO is the way to connect value customer online. Entertop is the leading Digital & SEO Malaysia agency, as a specialist SEO and web design company we have helped a lot of SME and corporate company rank their websites to high position in the serach engines. If you looking for a Malaysia SEO company for…

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How Blockchain Could Shape the Future of Web Design?

What Is a Blockchain? A blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, and ever-growing public record in which transactions are registered as cryptographically protected clustered blocks. The most frequent use of a Blockhain-like technology is Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet. If one user gives access to a spreadsheet that they are working on to another Google client,…

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