How and why do we use Split Screen Design Layout

There are almost unlimited numbers of web page design layout combinations are possible but it often follows a symmetrical format, but keep in mind you are not limited to just that. Use your imagination and think out of the box.

What is unique about split screen design

Split-screen web page layout is one of the minimalist website design elements. Split-screen screen (layout)  would be also a great choice for landing web pages design with side-by-side selectable options. It give a good user experience (UX) to the users

The design Split-screen layout methodology.
1. Split-screen web page design something like a card with left and rigth side. Each side have images, text, block or vector graphic.
2. Left and right side must have diferent outstanding message to highlight

Photo Credit: Watch Trop Fest

To create an effective split screen, you will have to make a visual connection between paired items, similarly like yin and yang concept. Hence, design should benefit from a “paired” format:

  • Two elements of equal importance
Photo Credit: The Square Apartments

  • Eye tracking patterns
    Split-screen design can be used as a tool to direct users in how they moved through the layout and this is why images and color choices will provide sharp directional flow.
Photo Credit: Type & Face
  • Highlight duality
    Make sure the duality you are trying to implement does not contradict each other otherwise it will give a sense of disconnection between the people and your website. Here is a good example of highlight duality.
Photo Credit: Xavier Bourdil
  • User options
    With each content being different at each side, user has the choice to make that is to decide which side of the content they want to explore first. Hence, the habits of people on clicking which side first will provide valuable data on which side interest them the most.

In order to use split screen design, it is best to couple it with:

Pair Bright Color and Cool Typography

This can be a simple tool to use for you when you don’t have many visuals to work with. Besides being simple to implement, split screen can add interest without looking like something is missing

Think of “Screens” as Cards

Split screen are consider as cards because they have these kind of similarities:

  1. Every screen is a container that houses one message and one connection for users
  2. These containers can live side-by-side or collapse into a vertical format
  3. Each container works as a standalone element – but gains meaning when paired with other containers
Photo Credit: Niko Skoulis

Here are some guide to design such page:

Connect with color

Duplicate a distinct color to establish visual flow from one “screen” to the other. Therefore, this works well with brand color, or hue with a lot of contrast and the reason is that a difference in things makes it easier to attract people’s attention.

Overlap elements

What is unique about split screen is about the ability of “split screen” elements to overlap by layering a single element across screen which is the end will provide additional level of cohesion and flow in your website design. Below is an example you can see where the headline touches the image and message which will leave a distinct left to right visual pattern.

Photo Credit: Renate Recher

Do something unexpected

Think out of the box by implementing some neat tricks into your designs. For example, Renate Recher which you had view earlier implemented an upside down text which is not so obvious but it leaves an impression on the users.