Concept of video animation determine the correct professionalism

Concept of Video / Animation

Single/multiple images are sometimes insufficient to bring out the whole story when there are more than a single content. The advancements of cellular technology have breached the speed and connection border. Hence, people are able to view seamless video on almost any device. This will allow users to experience an immersive experience and holding them longer on a website.

“Hero” format, as in full-screen video has been popularized for most cases. Commonly, there is a content overlay such as headline or navigational elements. There are a few concepts when it comes to application of videos such as:

  • Single Video, single video looping in the background; with or without audio integration.
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  • Montage, a play of a few strung together short clip.
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  • Short movie, with sound and storyline, much alike advertisements.
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  • Interactive, end results are dependent on the user’s actions.
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  • Non-video, subtle movements that are only noticeable at the background such as rustling leaves.

Determining the Correct Professionalism

  1. Videos are fundamentally similar to large photos; hence one should always consider the basic principles of color theory, typography, space, and contrast to find the perfect balance.
  2. Quality of videos must not be compromised as only high definition videos are able to convey the message of look and feel, from the framing and editing.
  3. Always hire a professional to select the best imagery, edit the design to scale, and help compress files without hurting the integrity of the images.


  1. Create Color Contrast; users should be able to determine the different layers of the content form the color scheme chosen.
  2. Multiple videos should be used not just to narrate different viewpoints, but also to capture their attention. However, heavy motions should only be imposed on the videos to draw attention but not on other contents as they will create distraction instead.
  3. Risk and Reward on Sound Auto-play Selection; it always come to the idea of presentation of content when selecting the feature of auto-play sound. Facebook and Twitter have been applying the silent video concept and they not only managed to capture the audiences’ attention but also found out that their users actually loved this concept.
  4. Video and Interactive Adventure; interactivity has become crucial to capture attention. CSS Animation Reaction will immediately connect the users. They will not only understand, but instead interested in getting to know more.

Lastly, as a final advice will be that a single feature will never be appealing to all the users. Instead, getting to know their users and understanding their behavior via experimenting is a fruitful approach.

Source: Web Design Book of Trends 2017, by UXPin

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